thoughts about downsizing

yesterday I was enjoying a beautiful sunset at the sea and rethinking my journey so far.

during the last months I increased the tempo of downsizing a little.

on the one hand I am at least sorting out three non essential items daily.

I suppose it’s about 4-5 things on average, so it will be 1,500 items at the end of 2018.

on the other hand I think more carefully before I bring new things into my life.

when I think about buying something I put it onto a list and wait at least a week. if I still really want it – I buy it.

since it began I am experiencing more and more positive effects of changing my lifestyle.

I worry less about unnecessary stuff. unfinished projects etc.

it’s a lot easier to clean my apartment and somehow it looks tidier than ever before.

at the moment I don’t have less expenses but I use my new “free” money to buy higher quality food and (if I buy something non consumable) longer lasting.

What are your thoughts?

What effects are you feeling through downsizing?